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Kings Guttering Services

Premium Installers of UPVC 

Fascia Soffit & Guttering 

Covering Central Scotland 

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what we offer

we only use our premium high grade UPVC material for your home

with a full 10-years Guarantee but will last a lifetime 

Our aim is to do the job to a high standard and to customer satisfaction 

we keep you the customer informed every step of the way by providing pictures of there project on request and explaining what were doing and the benefits from start to finish

we leave the property very clean and tidy

and dispose of all old materials

we only use protective coated screws and high quality stainless steel ( small ) headed nails 

we are very competitive on price 

we specialize in mahogany and all other colours available on request 

we do a gutter clean service and repair of any leaks and moss removal


What we don't do


fill big gaps with silicone 

use big headed nails to waste the good look of the new product

over hammer and crack the boards 

we never cut corners in a rush 

no pushy sales people 



Genuine Review From a Genuine Customer

We don't pressure customers into replacing full fascias by taking the wood off.

 We don't miss-lead or go on about rot its called a capping board for a reason  it caps over the existing boards there however if the wood is rotten and has substantial infestation then most likely it will all need replaced  

We at kings replace the rotten wood only and don't push for a full replacement as this is a main structure of your property as wood is much stronger than plastic . The great benefits are it will never need painted again and will enhance the look of your home . With a clean in the future using our solvent based substances and chemicals it will bring it up like new again we always look after our customers now and in the future .